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During the week of November 25th, we will have parent and teacher conferences. Please keep an eye out for the parent/teacher conference sign-up sheet for Monday, 11/25/2024 and Tuesday, 11/26/2024. During this time, you will schedule a meeting with your child’s teachers. This meeting, teachers will discuss your child’s progress and development in the classroom. Teachers will address concerns and/or highlights of your child’s academic progress. Please feel free to have some questions ready for your child’s teacher to answer.

Friendly reminder, we do have a tight schedule, with parents eager to learn about their child’s activities and progress during class time. We strongly encourage you to be punctual as teachers must stay within their conference schedules. If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, please let the teacher know as soon as possible. Please note that during conferences, the school will be closed, and it is advisable to make other childcare arrangements for your child during those days.

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