Piedmont Hills Montessori Academy

Established in 1984, Piedmont Hills Montessori Academy (PHMA) has been serving the families of San Jose and surrounding communities for over 40 years. Our Montessori-based childcare services for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners foster your child’s emotional, social, physical, and academic development. Our curriculum is structured enough to encourage ongoing education and flexible enough to give children room to explore what interests them.

Montessori preschools and childcare services give children the room and freedom to learn and discover new things at their own pace. We integrate hands-on activities to keep your child engaged and make learning fun, all while ensuring that every child is learning age-appropriate skills and growing developmentally.

We have two large, newly renovated outdoor playgrounds totaling 10,000 square feet that are perfect for running around and letting imaginations go wild. One playground is beach-themed, complete with a sand box, painting center, twisting traverse, and a big Burke® pirate ship! Our second playground is all about transportation. Kids love the 25-foot poly choo-choo train, trike track, airplane seesaw, and rocket hopscotches. These shaded, immersive playgrounds make it possible for your child to enjoy outdoor activities and access nature all year round.

Our immersive playgrounds are just the beginning of our child-centered facilities. Every indoor classroom is bright, spacious, and ideal for discovery and play—after all, play is life for young children. We have four classrooms: Forest Room, Ocean Room, and STEM 1 and 2 Rooms. We pride ourselves in our clean classroom environment. We sanitize all of our indoor and outdoor facilities every night. Teaching your child about health and wellness is important to us, which is why we focus on health education and best practices in all of our classes. One aspect of our health education is nutrition. We prepare snacks and meals that are balanced, nutritious, allergy-friendly, and delicious.

Our long history in San Jose has given us the opportunity to serve generations of families in the surrounding neighborhoods. There’s nothing we love more than building relationships with families and watching the students become the parents throughout the years.

If you’d like to learn more about PHMA, please call us today to schedule a tour of our campus. We are more than happy to answer any questions you have and welcome your little one to our academy!

To provide a positive and inclusive environment that supports the emotional, social, physical, and academic development of young children.

Self-Directed Learning
In the right environment, children of all ages can love learning when they are given the freedom to pursue what interests them. We provide your child with a rich and safe environment where they can learn independently.

Guided Exploration
Children are naturally curious, and they need the opportunity to explore the world around them. We utilize guided exploration sessions to introduce your child to new objects, ideas, and activities in a controlled, supervised environment.

Free Play
Imaginations are meant to run wild, and that’s exactly what happens during free play at PHMA. Your child can play independently or together during this time with whatever captures their interest on a given day.

Nurturing Environment
We are a preschool inspired by Montessori theory that balances independent discovery with child-centered academic learning. We nurture children’s imaginations and ignite their curious minds to discover and explore the world using their five senses and a variety of activities and curricula.

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