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-Harvest Parade
-Trick-or-Treat in School

For Halloween, we will be having a harvest parade where children will get to march around our outside playground to show their teachers and friends their costumes and celebrate Halloween at school. We strongly encourage children to dress appropriately in their favorite costume. Please no masks, weapons, or blood as we do have small children and would like to keep this fun and light. Parents are welcome to bring candy to hand out during the trick-or-treating portions of the event. We will be making treat bags to collect all the goodies.

If you would like to bring snacks for your child’s classroom, please check in with the class teachers for guidance on what to bring. Friendly reminder that we are a nut-free facility. Unfortunately, we will have to discard any snack that contains nuts. In substitution of candy, small trinkets are such fun! Some examples are erasers, pencils, or stickers. Please avoid any small item that could be a choking hazard for our little ones. If you do not want your child to participate because of religious reasons, we would strongly advise you to let your teacher know or please keep your child home, as we cannot prevent your child from being exposed to the celebration. It will be a school-wide event, and we would like to have all students participate.